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$65 | 30 minutes

Makeup (15 & Under)

$50 | 30 minutes

Lash Application (non-permanent)

$25 | 15 minutes

Bridal Trial

$85 | 45 minutes

Bridal Makeup

$175 | 60 minutes


$85 | 30 minutes

Makeup Class

$150 | 75 minutes


European Facial

$95 | 55 minutes

An introductory facial tailored to the individual's skin type and needs. To maintain a healthy and clear complexion, we use a customized selection of Sothys products -in a multi-step process- addressing the current need of your skin.

European Facial (pkg of 3)

$85 each | 55 minutes

European Facial (pkg of 5)

$80 each | 55 minutes

Mona's Glow Facial

$165 | 75 minutes

A european facial adding Glysalac Peel for a deeper exfoliation followed by manual extractions and Mona's unique signature massage. Topping the treatment with a choice of luxurious, hydrating or soothing ampule to complete the glow.

Bio-Élita Aqua Detox Charcoal Facial

$150 | 60 minutes

A real detox and hydrating booster facial. A mask woven from cellulose and charcoal, deeply cleanses,purifies and detoxifies the skin by removing impurities, toxins and excess sebum while preserving the skins hydrolipidic film. Best for dehydrated, demanding and sensitive skins.

Perle de Caviar Bio Marine Mask Facial

$180 | 70 minutes

This rejuvenating revitalizing facial enhances the complexion for a more youthful look, by delivering anti-aging actions. A natural moisturizing and firming complex of amino acids. Restoring radiance and softness to dehydrated and devitalized skin.

Caviar Eye Treatment

$70 | 30 minutes

An anti-aging and cosmetic treatment formulated to restore hydration and firmness around the delicate eye area. Infusing powerful ingredients such as caviar to replenish; honey to lock in moisture, Persian silk tree to enhance, tighten and smooth out fine lines.

Pearle de Caviar Caviaressence Facial

$225 | 70 minutes

The Perle de Caviar Caviaressence Facial relaxes skin tissue by affecting the epidermal tension that creates wrinkles. The relaxing effect on the surface of the muscle helps blur wrinkles and fine lines, and is achieved through a pioneer hexapeptide that delays the appearance of expression lines. The efficacy of its natural “botox-like” action is proven by science and human skin testing and approved by the skin!

Source Pure Magnolys Firming Anti-Aging Treatment for Sensitive Skin

$130 | 60 minutes

A treatment filled with precious extracts of flowers, essential oils and fruit kernels to delicately recreate the optimum conditions of skin protection and effectively slow down the process of skin aging.

Thalassocaviar Facial

$95 | 45 minutes

A Red Carpet Facial infused with nutrients and potent active ingredients massaged into the skin throughout the facial leaving your skin instantly plumped, hydrated and regenerated.

Bacne Facial Treatment

$80 | 45 minutes

A back facial treatment will help to cleanse, exfoliate the skin, while treating any congestion and reveal smoother skin. A customized mask is applied to clarify and soften the skin while providing a deep detox treatment.

Teen Facial

$75 | 45 minutes

A facial treatment focusing on the frequent problems of adolescent skin, perfect for ages 12-19. We begin with a thorough analysis and educational consult, followed by cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions. The service is topped off with a customized mask to balance and sooth the skin. Parental consent must be signed before the service can be performed for minors.

Teen Facial (pkg of 3)

$65 each | 45 minutes

Add-on Peels

$50 | 15 minutes

Skincare Modalities


$75 | 30 minutes

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive resurfacing treatment. Select between Crystal or Diamond tip to suction impurities removing superifical layers of dry, congested skin cells, fine lines, uneven pigmentation, or clogged pores, unveiling smoother, healthier and younger skin.

Microdermabrasion Facial

$150 | 55 minutes

European facial integrated into the Microdermabrasion treatment.

Microcurrent Facial

$150 | 55 minutes

Microcurrent (pkg of 6)

$125 each | 55 minutes

Let's work those facial muscles! After cleansing and exfoliating, two probes pass an electric current through the face, training the facial muscles to appear more lifted and firm. A non-invasive facelift!

Rezenerate Nanofacial

$180 | 55 minutes

Newest skincare modalitiy, using cutting edge, Nanotechnology. The effectiveness of having "Serum's infused" and Zen Accupressure of 99% pure mono-crystalline silicon in a form of almost 50 homogeneous nanopyraminds on a handheld wand, creating micro-channels in the skin's surface, allowing products and nutrients to deeply penetrate into the dermal layer. Cold Therapy is applied to keep skin looking fresh and plump. Redefining the whole age-defying experience.

Rezenerate Nanofacial + Microderm or Peel

$220 | 75 minutes

Microderm or peel added to a Rezenerate Nanofacial is a match made in Skin Heaven! You will leave with youthful and glowing skin.



$15 | 10 minutes

Lip Tweeze

$20 | 10 minutes

Brow Wax

$15 | 15 minutes

Brow Shape

$35 | 15 minutes

Brow Tweeze

$20 | 15 minutes


$15 | 10 minutes


$15 | 15 minutes


$15 | 10 minutes


$15 | 10 minutes


$15 | 10 minutes


$15 | 10 minutes


$15 | 10 minutes

Full Arm

$45 | 20 minutes

Half Arm

$25 | 15 minutes


$25 | 15 minutes


$15 | 10 minutes

Full Leg

$80 | 20 minutes

Upper Leg

$45 | 15 minutes

Lower Leg

$40 | 15 minutes

Feet & Toes

$15 | 15 minutes


$30 | 15 minutes

European Bikini

$45 | 20 minutes


$65 | 30 minutes

Full Back

$50 | 30 minutes

Lower Back

$20 | 15 minutes


$20 | 15 minutes

Stomach Strip

$15 | 10 minutes


$30 | 15 minutes